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For all your golf cart needs, turn to Cart Connection in Palm Desert, California. We are a locally owned, full-service dealer offering custom and pre-owned golf carts, accessories, batteries, tires, wheels, golf cart painting & re-upholstery and other premium services. Trade-ins are always welcome at our shop. You're sure to find all the golf cart parts you need in our large new showroom. Just like with a car, you want to get your golf carts from a dealer that you can trust. Cart Connection does all that we can to develop a strong working relationship with all of our customers. We don't just offer golf cart sales. We go above and beyond to offer our customers the very best in golf cart repair and accessories. From replacement golf cart service to engine repairs and refurbishment, you can count on us to give your cart the very best treatment available. We believe that your golf cart should be a reflection of your personal style. Whether that means finding a cart in your favorite color or commissioning refurbished golf carts that look like your favorite classic vehicles, we can help you find what you want. Cart Connection is the go-to golf cart dealer in the Palm Desert, CA area. When you need any kind of golf cart service, we are the people to contact! If we don’t have it, can’t get it, can’t fix it...You don’t need it!


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Golf Carts

Take to the golf courses in style with a refurbished or pre-owned cart from Cart Connection. Based in Palm Desert, California, we offer a great selection of pre-owned, refurbished, and custom built golf carts, as well as various golf cart parts and accessories. We can provide the golf cart service necessary to transform your current golf cart into an efficient machine. In addition to our traditional, gas-powered carts, we have a quality, green golf cart for environmentally conscious golfers. Preserve energy while maintaining style with our revolutionary solar golf cart, The Patriot. This solar-powered cart features a built-in on-board charger, speed-o-meter, and a two-speed motor. This cart is even street legal! Our golf cart sales have satisfied car owners from all over the area. Come see for yourself! Whatever you are looking for, we have quality products for all of your golf cart needs. We can even provide you with custom and refurbished golf carts to meet your unique needs! Located in Palm Desert, CA, our golf cart dealer is a fully equipped resource for current and future vehicle owners who want to get the most out of their money. We will provide you with service and golf cart rentals that you can rely on, so stop by today!

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Golf Cart Repair

Here at Cart Connection we understand that the maintenance and care of your golf cart is important to both you and to the longevity of your cart. Whether you have excessive power loss or a full engine failure, Cart Connection has the tools and expertise necessary to get you back to driving around in style. If you are having trouble with your golf carts, we offer a superb golf cart service. If your cart runs on gas, we offer gas golf cart service to up your gas mileage and perform golf cart maintenance. If you have an electrical cart, we also have electrical and solar service to make sure your golf cart batteries are holding charge and you have maximum power to get up the green hills of the course. Whether you need help with golf cart brakes or engines, we can handle any repair big or small. There is practically no golf cart problem we cannot fix, so come down and visit us today for your mobile golf cart diagnosis needs. If you are looking for golf cart repair, call Cart Connection in Palm Desert, CA today!

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Golf Cart Parts

If your golf cart is having trouble on the course, there may be an unseen issue with its parts. If this is the case, part replacement might be a cheaper alternative to trying to repair the old part. Thankfully with the help of Cart Connection we can do it all! Our golf cart service will help you find the best replacement golf cart parts as well as help you to install them! Whether you need new golf cart tires or batteries, we have exactly what you need to keep going. If you're refurbishing an old cart, we can even help you in finding the right parts to return it to its former glory. At Cart Connection we are experts when it comes to golf carts. Our knowledgable employees can provide you with any repair or lend you advice in handling your own golf cart renovations. In addition to our quality spare parts, we have the golf cart accessories that you need to take your cart to the next level. From comfortable new seat covers, to bag attachments, we will help you to ride in style on the golf course. Cart Connection is here for any of your golf cart needs in the Palm Desert, CA area. Whether you need golf cart repair, or just help in finding the right parts, we can help you out today! Contact us now for more information!


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